Saturday, 17 October 2015

Come walk with me

Put your weapons down
I’ve no energy to fight                      
Let’s breathe in fresh air                

Here come walk with me               
Let’s show what we are made of  
Let’s transform the world                 

Which path shall we take?            
It’s easy to run down hill                
Into deep trouble                             

I’d pick the track up
You can see the view far off
That is food for thought

We’ll help each other
And can practice our singing
For a joyful life

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  1. I admire the positivity of this piece.
    Let's transform the world! :)


  2. The metaphor of life as a path, winding up and down is great, we will need companions on our road..

  3. Striving for higher ground - yes the view is better up cake...strong boots and a helping hand..

  4. Onwards and upwards. Keep climbing while you can!

  5. Lovely. I think we're on the same wavelength.

  6. We need more of this "let's help each other" attitude in our world.

    Four Tanka

  7. A great choice ... a daily choice .. you've written a fine poem! Bastet

  8. let's make peace,
    let's smile and relax...

    enjoyed your verse.
    awesome Sunday Swirl

  9. "Which path shall we take?
    It’s easy to run down hill
    Into deep trouble" ... Ooh, isn't that the truth?! But it's SO much fun! Until you fall and bang up your knees or break your wrist, that is.