Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Never liked camping

All day long we climbed
Through the forest, past the lakes
Up the mountainside

Good idea, she'd said
As with laboured breath I smiled
And followed her lead

We will camp up there
She pointed to the tall trees
Makeshift home tonight

Soon the night sounds ruled
Owls hoots and wind rustling leaves
Tired were soon asleep

Woke, jab in the ribs
Hark, there is something outside
She said terrified

Put my arms round her
Slowly got her back to sleep
Never liked camping

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  1. As long as the creature outside the tent does not have two legs everything is fine.

    1. Hark, as I needed just one syllable not two as in listen!

  2. camping should be done in a trailer in my book for just that reason.

  3. It's all very well to roll over and fall asleep until the bear decides you are as edible as the food you left out. And yet I still love camping.

  4. BTW, you were totally right about Emma. She's 16. I goofed.

  5. Camping sounds horrific to me too - there's a good reason why evolution allowed us flushable toilets ;)