Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The blind date

This was not serious
It was just a blind date
Just a friendly foursome
With my mate and his girl
Did I get a surprise! 

She brought a friend along
What a stunner she was 
Five foot one, so much fun
Turned up nose, rosy lips
Then that smile just for me

Introduced we shook hands
I kissed her on the cheek
Just a friendly greeting
Looked deep into her eyes
And my heart beat so fast

Was this one a keeper?
The gravity of that
Then occupied my mind
As we chatted alone
Oh, how the stars did shine

How difficult it was 
Not to fly off with her
I ate with just my fork
And placed my hand on hers
Which she gripped so tightly

After my friend chided me
"That was a boring meal
Where were you two" he asked
But I just did not care
I was over the moon

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  1. This is delightful! The beginnings of love, I'd say!

  2. Being over the moon in the right way is truly magical...who needs four idiots when one love is more than enough

  3. Funny how such gravity sets one flying! A fun and poignant story.

  4. The stirring of romance in a young mind... Sigh.

  5. Love your take on this prompt :D we must always consider the gravity of our decisions. Love is in the air.. sigh :D

  6. Oh, it sounds wonderful. Such an immediate connection. "I was over the moon." Lovely.

  7. Can well understand that old egg! Been blessed with lots of blessings what else to ask for! Very well narrated!


  8. Not all blind dates turn out so well!

  9. Blind dates can be minor miracles. That's how I met my husband. Nicely narrated - I enjoyed this read! Spencer is Kanzensakura

  10. Sometimes you just have to float in the moment and sail over that moon.

  11. The unexpected is potentially a wonderful thing.

  12. I went on a blind date once when I was 17. Never again...:)

  13. *Smile* How delightful! The gravity of meeting "the one" makes you fly over the moon! Sweet!