Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Johnno what a teacher he was                                                    
We were all thin kids way back then                                           
From the privations of the war                                                      
Except for one fatty name Mike                                                    
But his dad did work in a Bank                                                    
In those days schools were poorly manned                              
Johnno taught us Maths and Science                                       
Then he took all us boys for Sport                                               
Somehow squeezed in Music as well                                        

A lot of us inscribed our names                                                   
On the ancient school’s red brick walls                                      
So I put mine next to my Dad’s                                                     
Before I was caught in the act                                                      
But the initials stayed there                                                          
It was well worth half an hour                                                      
Sitting detention after school                                                        
To tell my Dad when he came home                                           
Past six after work in the city                                                        

Johnno also ran the Stamp Club                                                 
Held once a month at week’s end                                                                       
Word philately not used then                                                       
He was my favorite there too                                                        
More than that he inspired me                                                     
Made his lessons interesting                                                        
He praised all us kids at football                                                  
Said my voice was like a foghorn 
I even loved him for that   

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  1. Isn't is wonderful when a teacher manages to inspire us with his way of teaching :D He sounds like someone you won't soon forget!

  2. sounds like he was a great encourager and would seek out good things in you as well. I thought putting your name next to your dad's was funny. Def hard yo discipline for following in the foot steps

  3. And I thought I had an unusual range of subjects to teach! What an amazing person. We would never expect a stamp nerd to also be on the sports field! What a model he was for boys, too, to be able to incorporate so many possibilities in one image of "man." I like the foghorn voice and your name on the wall near dad's.

  4. i find him a colorful personality and inspirational...a beautiful sketch OE....

  5. Good teachers in life are the human ones - the ones who convey that they understand voices can be like foghorns but still like you anyway..i don't know if this autobiographical - i hope it is because it's very touching

  6. What a great teacher, but interesting that one negative comment put a mark on him for you!

  7. I love a teacher that encourages many interests and uses praise to motivate. I especially love the voice like a foghorn, LOL.

  8. I guess most of our strength and determination are inspired by our teachers. Thanks for this Robin. Made me remember some of my teachers

  9. Nice story of your teacher ~ I enjoyed the look back to your younger years ~

  10. a learning experience for sure ((smiles))

    much love...

  11. He loved you all a little I think--glad you loved him back--

  12. Your teacher is very different to Miss Halsey of my poem. Pleased you have this good school memory.

  13. How nice to have such an engaged instructor that could bring many different subjects to the table and leave you with such sweet memories of him. Interesting name...Johnno.

    1. His name was Gerald Johnson. We couldn't call him Gerry but Johnno was fine so long as he was out of earshot.

  14. How wonerful to have had such a caring and involved teacher. I bet he was the favorite of many of the boys. Enjoyed reading this tid-bit from your past.

  15. A very visual poem...I can see the story unfold!

  16. Your memories are clear and filled with appreciation. We all need teachers who care and show it,


  17. That teacher who tries hard and succeeds in getting us always stays in our hearts.

  18. Memories of such teachers never fade....Lovely poem, Robin.

  19. I don't know of Johnno is real or not, but you certainly make him come alive in this delightful poem!

    To Teach the Humble

  20. He sounds wonderful and colorful.

  21. Teachers like that are so valuable. (And I love your name going next to your Dad's!)

  22. Johnno, what a fine talented and inspiring man. It is such teachers who shape us and give us something to look up to!

  23. what an amazing time. Thank goodness for people who are wiling to make a sacrifice.