Tuesday, 13 October 2015

It was a hot day

It was a hot day
Miles to go before my sleep
AC on full blast

A country summer
Driving across the wide plain
Through eucalypt trees

A kangaroo here
Some Galahs on the fence post
and dead snakes on the road

Two more hours to go
Some white cloud on horizon
No, that is smoke there

There’s a cordon ahead
Diversion down a farm track
Too late to turn back

Now heading northward
Can see the fire is extensive
A mind of its own

There’s a truck ahead
So no chance to pass him here
Unless he sees me

Going is so slow
Long since the track’s been graded
Good, he’s waved me on

Bitumen ahead
Turn right well back from fire front
Scent of smoke now gone

An hour behind time
Back to the highway again
Township up ahead

Yet more diversions
Now the wind is getting up
More fire trucks pass by

Finally get home
“I didn’t think you’d make it”
She says with a kiss

TV is on loud
All about the fire and damage
So I turn it off

Never been so scared
Just wanted to be with you
I will sleep well now

Image found at www.theaustralian.com


  1. Oh my yes.. you have portrayed nicely the destruction and devastation that fire is capable of. Well penned!

  2. fire does indeed have a mind of its own and plays devastation...and all's well that ends well :)

  3. I love the staccato telling of this story - it seems to feel like thoughts feel as we negotiate such challenges..perhaps we are lucky when the fire doesn't quite catch up with us...

  4. This sounds very heart-poundingly frightening! A fire is nothing to mess with, and the feeling of the possibility of being trapped in one is terrifying. Your poem portrays this well.

  5. What a scary drive! It's very hot and dry here in Texas at the moment, with "burn bans" in effect because of the dry grass and low humidity. We need rain!

  6. Those moments you have to be so focused on survival. We drove through a brush fire that had jumped the road I can relate to that sense of being safely home.

  7. A vivid description of your drive...and also I had to look up galah... Looks absolutely pretty in its pink..thank you!

  8. a harrying tale well told; how lucky for you to return and be greeted

    "Finally get home
    “I didn’t think you’d make it”
    She says with a kiss"

    have a good mid-week day

    much love...

  9. Thank you for taking us along on this journey through natural heat to hotter still--I loved the suspense and detail of it, the reminder of the danger of uncontrolled fire and the relief of safety at home. The detail of turning off the TV made me smile. What's the news to people who have been there?

  10. Yes, forget about all the bad news. Just block away the irritants and get on with life. There are lots more important things to do


  11. Whew! You weren't burned to a crisp, and you arrived safely home to your beloved!

    Holy Fire

  12. I could feel the stress and tension of the journey, and the relief of arriving safely home. So well told.

  13. It must have been a devastating experience I must say. So well narrated, Robin. Thanks God you arrived safely...

  14. Oh yes, those are scary times! Glad you got through all right.

  15. Love the format. Quick short lines, reflecting the fear of the situation. Well written.

  16. I have to agree with the above on the line lengths...it definitely brings the fear heightened tone. Fire can be so scary.

  17. The bush fires are so tragic. Fire - life giving and yet can be so destructive. Nicely depicted in your poem

  18. That could be a terrifying thing to drive around.

  19. A dangerous journey well told. I like how you describe the relief of finally being home.

  20. That's a great journey you've taken us on ~ from the terrifying to the safety of home...

  21. Old Egg,

    The power of fire and its path of destruction and fear, when it creeps at speed. Bush fires must be a most frightening experience to encounter. Glad you were safe.

  22. Well-penned! Anyone who has witnessed a bushfire at close quarters carries that image of destruction with them forever. A great description of the danger and the relief of getting home safe!