Saturday, 31 October 2015

This sweet lubricant

Now some might say that I was errant
I had this need for drinks so piquant
Accompanied by music vibrant
My behavior became so rampant
I was a fully paid up Bacchant
Always lured by strong spirits fragrant
Booze for me was a great assistant
Until my wife became so indignant
I had to shun this sweet lubricant
Give up my ways so exuberant
Or I would become a mendicant
Knowing I had become repugnant

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  1. I need a drink - I guess you won't be joining me!

  2. Oh if only to see the light - and a very clever use of language...your 'ant' words are clever and insightful...i suppose the adage goes that you have to do it for yourself...but for the love of another can be more meaningful