Saturday, 3 October 2015

The wind whistled

The wind whistled                                 
Calling on the rain                                                  
To share its game                                                   
While the farmer shook his head                         

His sad face flushed
It was hard enough
Without their threats
And nexus of playfulness

He still pressed on.                                                 
One field left to plough                                          
Then to rest up                                                        
For he had no cause to swear                              

Sun sank westward                                                         
Day’s list now complete
Wends his way back
To kiss his wife tenderly 

Illustration of Evelyn Harke painting found at


  1. Such a breadth of work today. And yet there is a connection through all your poems..a thread of love..working for what matters..who matters...making it all worthwhile - and the painting was close to home - literally!

  2. Glad he had a bit of spare energy for his wife. :)

  3. great poem to pair with the painting.
    I enjoy writing poems to accompany art.

  4. You've captured the essence of the picture perfectly. And I'm sure having his wife waiting to be kissed when he got home is the one thing that made it all worthwhile.