Thursday, 15 October 2015

So many years ago

I had a request to pick the grandchildren up from school as my daughter was held up at another appointment.

I was quite pleased for hadn’t done that little chore since I had children of my own.

However I hadn’t anticipated how difficult it was to find a parking space by the school at that hour and had to park so way away;  so not only was it a long walk to the school gates there were two different entrances depending on the classes the kids were in.

So by the time I had pushed passed the boys, girls, satchels, mums, strollers, toddlers and the rest all trying to get out of school I found myself inside the grounds looking for the grand-kids.

There they were, the grandson tearing around the playground pretending he was an aircraft and the other skipping over the hopscotch layout with some friends also waiting for their parents.

While they finished their games and said their goodbyes, I shed a tear of sadness of my own long lost childhood of so many years ago.

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  1. ooooo... two way usage of the cue! Lovely take on dailylife. Really sweet!

  2. The moments slip by so quickly, don't they?

  3. that place, though so clear in our vision, is so irrevocably far away

  4. Certainly an unusual post for you! Loved your reflections, and I can see what you were facing when I think of picking up my grandson at's a zoo!

  5. I was expecting a different ending. Great story. It kept me reading.
    As we get older it seems the activity level of children now has increased. Couldn't be our memories! :-)

  6. Some things about childhood i miss too. Maybe that's why we have kids and grands, so we can relive it a bit.

  7. A sweet memory, I think, Old Egg. Nice use of tearing around the playground and the tear in your eye. The story had a wonderful flow.