Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Memories in the cafe

Here was I drinking my coffee
Lonely old man stirring his cup
When for some reason I glanced up
A stunning face in front of me

Her animated expression
Concentrating on her work in hand
Time slipped by like grains of sand
Recalling one now an illusion

Her lips were like sweet cherries kissed
Her hair as soft as falling rain
Her eyes were those that caused me pain
When from her side I was dismissed

It isn't her of course that is true
But my many memories are recalled
When my heart was so cruelly mauled
Seeing this sweet girl now in my view

Not daughter yet, perhaps grandchild
I leave my cup I did not drink
She waves goodbye as off I slink
How can old love drive one so wild?

I hadn't walked but twenty paces
When I was tapped on the shoulder
There she was now my hat's holder
I was glad, it showed in our faces

I've had my life and so will she
For this young thing I've been gifted
Don't question past but be uplifted
For puppets we are don't you see?

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  1. Indeed.. all the world is a stage and men and women are mere players. Such an enjoyable read :D

  2. Your descriptions of meeting all these fantastic women...always lively and interesting.

  3. Is it Fate or Chance pulling the strings? A pleasant kind of puppetry this one, anyway. :)

  4. Wonderful! Not only does life leave and return, but I can imagine a lively animation made of this and all its amazing images. This one is mythic.

  5. Lovely. And such sweet memories.

  6. We are indeed puppets but maybe we can operate the strings to make the world a little more bright - and real...another deceptively complex and philosophical poem

  7. A great read. I could totally visualize the picture as I was reading the poem.

  8. What a sweet encounter - I, too, love watching the animation of the young who have No Idea how lucky they are with their lives all before them. I especially note waitresses as my youngest daughter is one of the most animated - people think she is a hoot, she always get their tables laughing.

  9. This dances on fun, lively strings.

  10. I enjoyed picturing this animated encounter. Sometimes I think there must be a master puppeteer in charge of masterminding and arranging such encounters.

  11. Nice, that we can be animated by memories of old love seen in the face of the young. I enjoyed this poem so much!

  12. I am glad there was connection in the end with the return of the hat.

  13. Like how you connected your memories with the now, and yes we are all playing our part in the grand cosmic plan.

  14. It is fated! Good intentions are justly rewarded. It may be just casual so be it!


  15. Fantastic....As people age, such encounters can be lasting and wonderfully satisfying.

  16. With youth brings truth and silver linings, but with age comes wisdom. There are many encounters and human interactions that can always brings something new to the table.

  17. De jevux I think it'd called.
    Thanks for this sharing

    Much love...

  18. Deja vu, is the correct term i meant to write

    Much love...