Saturday, 17 October 2015

One Winter's Day

When I was a young child 
My father said "Blast" a lot
While in the garden plot

Which was the extreme
By our mother's instruction
As we were so young

However in his work shed
New words were learned without fear
Hidden from her sharp ear

Then one winters day
Called to lunch us three turned up
Washed hands, food to sup

"Oh! Bloody hell Mum 
Surely not cabbage again"
My brother did complain

He was sent to bed
Father looked out the window
Thought he spied a crow

Scared I hid my smile
Glad it had not been me
And ate my greens with glee

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  1. Ha, I think kids will always pick up those words. Maybe mother shouldn't serve cabbage if she didn't want to hear.

  2. Ha will be kids... Lovely memory piece.

  3. Sometimes it pays to be a smart arse! Although i'd look forward to the second pudding more than my greens ;)

  4. A wonderful depiction of household rules where the mother appears a bit more stern than the father. Proper upbringing is so important.. and parents go through such pains to ensure that their children grow up to become good people.

  5. Ha ha, it is nice to look innocently on when someone else is caught! LOL.

  6. Hahaha! A great telling of an archetypal happening. I love the cow most of all!

  7. This made me smile...a wonderful memory, and I'm glad you shared it in poetry. :)

  8. Ha ha, the smart one got supper, lucky you

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  9. a humourous retelling of a childhood tale. :)

  10. LOL, I love it. Love the dad looking out the window......

  11. 'Father looked out the window
    Thought he spied a crow' ~ these words made me smile.... Oldegg, you're so good storyteller.

  12. good one :) parents may wonder where kids get their vocabulary, not knowing it's from them.

  13. I'm laughing, laughing, laughing at this rollicking good tale!

  14. What a funny and sweet childhood memory!

  15. Hehehe yes watching the elder child get in trouble was always a private glee.