Saturday, 1 March 2014

She is the mother of me



I never complain about the sea

Regardless of her many moods

I love her in so many ways

Surely she is the mother of me


I love the way she whispers to me

The susurration of her many tides

After all these years she reaches out

She is the one that gave birth to me   


You chide me often, mother sea

You want me at your bosom still

You rage and smash your waves in anger

Having lost the sight of me


You toss your head when you greet me

When I return to calm your waters

I know you anger other mortals but

Never will I complain about the sea


Wherever this cruel world does take me

O so far from your briny balm

I yearn for you, you are my mother

For I cry these salty tears you see


  1. Wow! You took this prompt and ran with it--all the way to the ends of the earth and to the water's edge!

  2. This a tidal wave of Magical impactful and powerful..stay safely on the shore