Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Life elsewhere

A small slight figure

Almost emaciated

But with a cute charm

I saw her digging

Cunning eyes on the lookout

Searching for treasures

Her life now reduced

To degenerate squalor

Just trying to survive

Where were her parents

A child without her childhood

And just where were we?


  1. Where were we indeed? The inequality in this world is terrible. Well stated.

  2. You ask important questions in this.

  3. We were studying the share market or the real estate guide because all we care about is bigger is better and having lots of money and too much is never enough. Ripper poem oldegg! I like it when you get the ginger goin':)

  4. Do see the TV mini series Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet. The book was written in 1941...mind boggling for the times and probably now as well.

  5. The deprived are the forgotten. That's how life is! Nicely Old Egg!


  6. You hit the middle stump with this one old son. Where were we? Not where we should have been - obviously.

  7. Where were we!! Makes me wonder! The state of the girl tugged the strings of my heart!

  8. And where are we now? A timely piece, thank you.

  9. Things seem to never get better.

  10. Watching but not doing I'm guessing...must be even harder for her parents looking on..wanting better..assuming they are still there to watch

  11. The role of politics is huge, but there is also the question of how best to help. Everyone wants the feel-good answers, like sending food, while the real solutions go ignored.

  12. 'And just where were we?' I like how it states things that we can see in the picture, but you wind it up by provoking the reader to not just sit there and observe passively :)