Sunday, 2 March 2014

That sweet smile of yours

That sweet smile of yours

Those eyes and your pretty nose

They fuel my desire


You don’t seem to guess

That you’re so easy to love

So do not see me


I am a caged beast

You have me at your mercy

But there’s no assault


Spring flowers, love notes?

Just what triggers your desire?

I am but a ghost


Six months in shadow

But today your smile and say

“Don’t give up do you?”


“There’s no list of rules

Just don’t double cross me.

Where are we going?”


  1. Those were the days, weren't they? Your words brought back some memories!

  2. Ah, that waiting is always the hardest part, that and all the guessing games.


  3. But there IS a rule: no double-crossing! (A rule that may or may not be kept, I suspect.)

  4. A tug of wills maybe ..always good to ask where you're going though