Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dum and Grunt go fishing (Dum tales 10)

                           Aborigine fish trap in Australia

With Yum and Dong now friends and helping each other with their children, Dum and Grunt also went out hunting together.

The women decided that they would collect fruit and shellfish and Dum and Grunt would catch animals and birds and even fish if they could work how to snare them.

As they wandered on the beach the men found the freshwater streams from the hills entering the sea would slow up as the sea pushed them back upstream again.

Dum suddenly had an idea to make a pond where the stream entered the sea and this might leave any fish in the shallows stranded in the pond when the tide went out.

They built a rock and pebble wall that would be under the sea at high tide but would retain the fresh water when the tide went out until it flowed over the wall.

They were amazed to find so many fish and other creatures trying to escape when the tide went out and they went home that night grinning at their women with a haul of fish knowing they would get more than a good feed that night.


  1. I do love how they're always slightly lechy, those fellas :D This is turning into a great epic tale of six-sentence proportions and I'm really impressed with its progression :D

  2. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Dum seems to be the type that will make every effort to please his woman and reap the rewards. I suspect there is a bit of biographical input into his character! ;-)

    Like Lizzi, I'm delighted that you can continue a story with just six sentences. That would be a wonderful writing challenge for anyone to undertake. Basically they are six-sentence chapters! I'm planning a six-sentence concept for A-Z this year. Are you going to do A-Z? You should!