Wednesday, 19 March 2014

So just what is real?

So just what is real

In this world so false

What is true and authentic?


Only you in springtime

Your smile, blossom in your hair

And love just for me


Nothing spooks me out

I have no phobias or fears

With you by my side


Bless the day you came

Enlisted in this army

Our karass of two


Karass - Kurt Vonnegut invented the term for his novel Cat’s Cradle for a closely linked group of people. A karass of only two is strictly speaking a Duprass, but who is quibbling?


  1. that is a sober reminder of slaughterhouse 5.. Real is what you want it to be..a karass sounds like a good way to live it

  2. With someone by his side, it is certainly a perfect karass of two. Nicely old egg!


  3. aw that is so sweet an ode to true love.

  4. A karass? Sounds rood:)
    I deleted your comment accidentally on my blog . I meant to click reply (sigh)

  5. Hi Robin, This my favourite of your recent stuff - very tender and wasn't aware of Vonnegut's Karass word - thank you it was a pleasure to read your stuff.. With Best Wsihes Scott