Thursday, 15 August 2019

You cried in my arms

I wondered if you would remember me
We were always absolute friends
Heartbeats in such synchronicity
Until sadly the kiss spelled the end

We all walked home after school each day
You and John had always been best friends
We were all in shock the day John died
You cried in my arms, strange message sends

We did connect after both left school
When I met the husband of your choice
Was glad that you did not make it last
Could even say that I did rejoice

It wasn't long before we did date
To find we fitted hand in glove
No secrets just joy and the good times
A relationship based on true love

Books in order of use:
Remember me
Absolute friends
The Kiss
The day John died
The husband
Make it last
The secrets
The good times

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  2. Very nicely done response to the prompt!

  3. Nice response to the prompt..I'm a sucker for love stories.

  4. Cute story, Robin. I've run across several who could fit into your poem.

  5. You selected titles that best suited your style. Great work.

  6. Some intense feelings burn out almost as soon as they're born. But some have enough warmth for a lifetime, despite the storms. Glad it worked out for them.

  7. Seamless used of the book titles, Robin, and a happy ending!

  8. Ah this is perfect, Robin!!💜💜💜 I love romance and love stories 😊

  9. I do enjoy your love stories, Robin.

  10. It seems it was a good thing he waited...