Saturday, 31 August 2019

With stick in my hand

Had nothing to do
Need somewhere to be
So I went for a walk
Just where could I go?
Perhaps down the beach 
Breathe in the sea air

The walk was not far
With stick in my hand
Not many around
Watchng clouds and sand
Soon standing at prom
Kids play without care

Did I bring wallet?
I fancy a sit
At caf√© for drink
So walk a long way
To find the right place
Kath's Kafe by name

Girl behind counter 
Smiles sweetly at me
Took order, that's done
A 'cappo' and cake
Grabbed paper to read
Do a crossword game

Found table with view
People watching's good
Better than the news
Coffee came along
Waitress smiled at me
Life's a poem dear

Age sees world anew
Fold hands to relax
Spilt coffee down shirt
Woman grins at me
Matters not, I'm old
I welcome each year

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  1. I really travelled with you on this walk. People watching and coffee and cake are the best

  2. You have very nice life. Long may it continue.