Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Morning Glory

I'm not fond of the word glory
That sly, smug feeling of success
Just who do you please but yourself?

Are you person of some renown
Why not shy with some muted pride
Or is it about gaining wealth?

Once winning was satisfaction
But now one must gain more that this
Hard cash plus trophy on the shelf

So this flower uses the word
Morning Glory just says it all
Takes over fence with pride and stealth

Beautiful, impressive to see
It can make my day quietly
Such pleasure even buoys my health

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  1. Gentle pleasures are the best. I love the soft reflections in this poem..made me smile too

  2. You've spoken my mind in the first line. Aah...the name of the flower says it all indeed!

  3. I agree. The morning glory is the best use of the word!

  4. Morning glories really are lovely, aren't they? No wonder we both gravitated toward them in our poems today.

  5. The best kind of glory - beautiful blooms.

  6. Morning glories are magnificent (and they survive our sun and my disinclination to water in said sun). :)

  7. True glory is indeed beautiful in its silence!

  8. I love that you used morning glories. They are lovely without speaking a word.