Sunday, 11 August 2019

Opening Night

I was never one for opening nights
Bystanders gawping on the busy road
Crowding out a stoic regular crowd
Fashionisters, press and some invites

On that night the film mattered not one hoot
As the celebrity scene conquered all
Who cared if film was good, bad or awful
We'd hear later who was given the boot

We'd finally get to see the film ourselves
After this crowded show of publicity
At local flick far from the lights of the city
With cheap candy and drinks like happy elves

We'd tell of our opinions good and bad
Taking each scene and location in mind
Not missing all the parts cut out we find
Reviews later write of this which is sad

Movies are of course still creative art
Actors are the workers that make it so
The story, format and location too
Turning backdrop so you become a part

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  1. I'm with you! I prefer to avoid opening nights at art galleries too, and see the show by myself later, at leisure.

  2. I'm with you, a happy elf at a local theatre, happy to leave the crowd scene to itself. My sister and I are going to a movie today about a dog. Reclining seats, no less. Getting OUT of them might prove interesting, lol.

  3. Ah I have always wanted to attend a premiere to a movie or play 😊 the crowd, the excitement and people thrills me.

  4. Nothing matches watching a good film and getting lost in the story

    1. And then, if it's really good, you want to watch it again!

  5. This reminds me so much of my husband. LOL, he hates overly fussy events and never has been one for crowds. But boy does he love movies and love discussing/debating about them with friends and family.

  6. This makes me wonder if post-red carpet, watching a film among the cast & crew means the equivalent of shop-talk. :)

  7. Opening nights are always hectic, the lines and service. I think I'd pass and wait a bit then go.

  8. This was entertaining on a Hollywood level, hehe. Nice poem, OG.

  9. I never thought it like this, but I completely agree. Traditional celebrations of an thing are rarely the time said to shine (or, in the case of people, to enjoy themselves). I prefer the comfort of PJ's, cheap candy (or healthy fruit), and the company of people who don't give two beeps about what anyone is wearing or not.

  10. Introverts united! If only that cheap candy truly were cheap!

  11. I too prefer to go to the movies a few weeks after the run of the opening night. In the theater virtually by myself with popcorn! Introverts unite.

  12. I love to watch movies but I rarely go to the movies. It's so expensive nowadays. I prefer to wait till they're out on DVD, then enjoy them at home.
    I like your poem and the fact that it made me happy that I never have to go to an opening night.

  13. "like happy elves" Oh, yes! This is a mighty fine poem on a scene I avoid whenever possible.

  14. You've put the pieces (that surround an event) together so well here, Robin. And I so agree with your observations: so much of art (and, for that matter, life) is about publicity. Yuck!

  15. I like to watch it from a distance, on TV!

  16. I'm with you on avoiding 'opening nights ' with all the fanfare and money-grabbing publicity. But I guess they have to do this to make their money back. Love how you described the scene.

  17. Oh yes the crowds we an do without. My daughter invited me to go see rhe Lion King(remake) but we prefer to wait out the hype
    Have a nice week Robin


  18. I agree- wait out the hype, described so well Robin. Kn