Wednesday, 14 August 2019

We didn't have TV

We didn't have television
Not before the coronation
Way back in nineteen fifty three
The Queen got crowned but poor were we

Were invited, parents and us boys
Watch with friends, quite a lot of noise
All day affair and food galore
Us boys could wish for no more

Their son and us had lots to do
Boring TV shown all day through
So we went in other room to play
Brother found booze, hip, hip hooray!

Not that I ever touched a drop
Brother took sip, could not stop
Not long before he was asleep
No single word did that boy peep

By that time I was watching Queen
Now with crown upon her bean
Hosts now thought TV should rest
Food they now served, was the best

Dad said "Where is your brother lad?"
I kept dumb; as knew things were bad
Dad found him, he was drunk to the world
On the floor and with bottle curled

So we had to wend our way home
He was put to bed and left alone
But that boy was caught in the net
Did not forget Mum was upset

We did get TV later on
But now was dating girl Yvonne
So had much better things to do
TV no match for kissing you

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Note V4: 1.Letting the TV have a rest was quite a common habit in the 1950's in case it overheated!
               2. Bean is an old slang word for head


  1. What a wonderful tale..and a happy ending to boot!

  2. My grandparents had a TV quite early on because my granddad's brother worked for Marconi; when I was seven I was sent to my parents, who rented one, but there were strict rules about when and what we could watch. As a teenager, I definitely preferred kissing to TV!

  3. I love the conclusion of this poem: TV is no match for a real, live kiss. (I rather enjoyed watching the drunk brother sleep through the coronation too!)

  4. A fascinating glimpse of an earlier era, in a different place.

  5. The mischief that kids get up to while the parents are distracted watching tv. And when older the tv was no distraction to kissing the girl. I like how the action of this poem takes place around the tv without the tv becoming the focus. What's more important is what is happening in the room not what's going on behind the screen.

  6. I remember the days of no tv : reading, listening to the radio, my grandma having the ladies in for tea. We finally got one when i was nine.

  7. Love the bygone era so beautifully put.

  8. Love the passed out drunken brother!

  9. Haha! A mighty fine and believable story. The ending made me smile.

    1. All absolutely true except for Yvonne who went under a diferent name!

  10. Aren't we lucky to experience both the times of 'haves' and 'have-nots' starting with black and white. We could make comparisons so well. You've written it all perfectly Robin and it was the same stages experienced that developed the world over before 'colors' came into being.


  11. Nice. No TV may actually be a good idea for today.

  12. Very nice, Robin. You had me feeling sorry for your brother. I got caught with smoking apparatus. Mom left a note in my pocket of which I'd rather had a lecture..
    We had no TV until after I left home. My ex and I got one when she joined me in Texas.

  13. Your brother's adventures were hilarious! I agree that TV is a poor second to kisses. I enjoyed this!