Sunday, 25 August 2019

Greedy, wasteful, blind

We are ignorant and flawed creatures
Greedy, wasteful, blind in a crisis
We light fires to that which gives us breath
No belief that climate will change
When oxygen disappears from Earth

Earth is of course constantly changing
But it will remain it is not the end
Unless you need oxygen to breathe
We and all other creatures will die
Then green trees willl again conquer Earth

That is of course if the rain still falls
So the trees and plants are watered
Perhaps oceans can then recover
But for our plastic waste choking life
From living in the sad wounded Earth

But mark my words all you readers
Mankind will not be number one
The impact will be great, that's no lie
Loss of breath, loss of lives, we have failed
Escalating our demise on Earth

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  1. The Amazon fires are very scary. One fifth of the oxygen we depend on. Not good !!

  2. I think earth will indeed win - sadly perhaps

  3. Yes, we have failed our earth badly. The impact of our negligence has taken its toll, and with the latest Amazon fire there will be more impact. And yet we continue on with our devastating ways. Ignorant and selfish humans.

  4. It is astonishing the denial that still exists. Cataclysm is inevitable. Well said, Robin.

  5. I think acknowledgement of the first line would have helped to prevent the crisis--the belief that mistakes could be made might help them to be remedied. Instead...well, the rest follows. Excellent poem.

  6. you're right. there's a price to what mankind is enjoying at the moment. Mother Earth will scream, she will have her fury one day... just sad and it makes me cry.

  7. I think earth will do a lot better than humankind... we are so much more vulnerable than we think.

  8. I agree, Robin. The earth will win, no matter what. Our only hope is to get on her side.

  9. What I hate the most about our situation is that our children and their children's children are the ones who will really pay for our collective stupidity.

  10. It is so devastatingly sad but the old guard keeps on destroying.

  11. Mankind will not be number one

    the greatest injustice of humanity is ever assuming we were...

  12. I agree with every well-chosen word.

  13. Topical and horrifying indeed.

  14. A powerful and important piece. Up there, in my humble opinion, on that lofty pinnacle with some of your very best work, Robin.

  15. this sounds like doomsday earth, but perhaps it is.
    our government has acknowledge that climate change is real, and has plans (very expensive) to combat rising sea levels. but the use of plastic, esp. single use plastic and high use of energy, have to be addressed.
    All governments need to act, but we don't even see half-hearted efforts from some.
    lizards roam the earth again?

  16. Powerful and scary. Hope it's not too late ....

  17. Timely and powerful write, Robin!

  18. I have no doubt life will endure. Whether humankind will for much longer is in question however. I hope the roaches will learn well from our mistakes and evolve a wiser society.

  19. That last stanza was chilling as it was true. Great write, Robin!