Sunday, 18 August 2019

What is love?

Just what is love? I hear you ask
My mind goes back so many years
Fragrant gardens and holding hands
Kissing under the old oak tree
Your sweet eyes now light up for me

The years have passed, fragile is love
It does not have a fighting chance
Have we strength to fix things up?
We spoke much but did not agree
We are not who we used to be

But we can't give up everything
No way I want to see you sad
I do love you, must make amends
We'd both be lost, we are a pair
Let us make up, it's only fair

Image found at https://pixabay,com/photoes/moon-couple-blue-live-in-love-3059324/


  1. I love "Your sweet eyes light up for me." It is lovely to receive such glances. Yes, it is worth mending fences. It is always a treat to read you, Robin!

  2. I love the opening images in this poem..such a tender poem

  3. Often a lifetime of love is something you have to fight for.

  4. Making up is the most difficult, and yet the most necessary, aspect of love.

  5. I love how reasonable this speaker sound. All relationships--in good times and not so good ones--need someone who can think gently.

  6. "Just what is love?" A question that makes us so vulnerable in the asking. You have taken that vulnerability in stride and courageous devotion.

  7. This is incredibly poignant!💖 I remember the kind of ideas I had regarding love while growing up 😊 and how the concept of it changed gradually as maturity kicked in.

  8. I love the old-fashioned courting described in the fist stanza, Robin, so much better than on-line dating. Love is indeed fragile, but it's worth working at, not giving up.

  9. Love is indeed worth working for and being gentle with each other.

  10. Love the twining of the lines about the idea of forgiveness and fragility and familiar love.

  11. People do tend to drift apart after years together- because, incredibly, people change. A good take on fixing a relationship.

  12. Ah, sometimes in love we have to forgive and make up. After all, everyone is only human.

  13. Relationships … the stuff of many a contemplation. You've caught that well, here, and injected 'the ponderings' with a very cool cadence.

  14. Kissing under the Oak, a lovely image of love methinks ❤😊❤
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday Robin


  15. That last verse is so heartfelt, I'm sure the other could not resist!