Sunday, 11 August 2019

Summer's sun

Summer's sun and birds sweet song
Scent of flowers with bees hum
As they work hard for their queen
To make honey from the juice
Which they store for winter long

While she finds drone which to mate
He idles round with his pals
To see if they can be next
To mate with queen, to be best!
Then find he has sealed his fate

Let's hope it was all worth while
Not that he will ever know
That many kids he would make
To be workers in the hive
Or that he was quite virile!

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  1. I like this, Robin. Bees interest me, my high school principal kept bees as a sideline. Later in life, when he and his wife would visit us (they were lodge friends with my parents) in Houston, they would bring us a nice jar or jars of their honey.
    I found out recently that before the queen mates, and after the nectar (?) has all been brought in that the worker bees will keep her out in the field away from the hive so as to mate with another family. That way there won't be inbreeding. The bee keeper should kill the queen before the young hatch. I don't know more though I saw more on TV.

  2. Their activity really is fascinating.

  3. I do believe that the drones don't survive the mating process (though I'm not sure). Either way, I hope the little fella enjoyed his life among the flowers and honey.

  4. Such a delightful read, Robin! 💖 I have always been fascinated with bees and the way they go about their lives 😊