Sunday, 18 August 2019

How bizarre

I saw you once again

My, how strange, I saw you standing there
At busy Victoria tube station
On London's Underground yesterday
You had got off the other platform
Didn't catch sight of me boarding here

They gave the all clear and we moved
You took the exit way unaware
How bizarre, you were my first true love
We had spent so much time together
Doubt you'd worry now or even care

I'd made my offer to you after school
A couple of dates; you played the field
Clear you didn't want ties at that time
Or thought I was a shallow man then 
Wonder if she'd fancy an affair?

Nah! I'd only crash again

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  1. What wonderful memories they are

  2. A whole short story contained here. I like the structure of the opening and closing.

  3. Ah, like "Brief Encounters", except you had already met.