Wednesday, 7 August 2019

I still dream of her

I still dream of her
But she is long gone
There was a war on
I crossed the border
She stayed, my Evonne

Would not leave her kin
'Suppose that was right
I cried that cold night
Just to save my skin 
For a future bright

What a future is this?
Without one I love
We were hand in glove
Living life of bliss
She my turtle dove

I still dream of her
Safety sucks you dope
I fret and I mope
She was my true love
I have lost all hope

Many years later
We met up again
Seeing her was a pain
She's safe but not mine
My loss, other's gain

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  1. "Safety sucks" ~ In the name of safety, we often find ourselves holding back from something that could be very good!

  2. ah being lured into safety which can prevent us from good things. This makes you think differently about safety Well put

  3. What's important though ironical is that both choices proved to be in the interest of safety for the two, though they ended up apart. Nice one Robin

    Happy you dropped by my blog


  4. How sad to lose a person we treasure and feel safe with

  5. So many people separated from the ones they love these days, crossing borders seeking safety - and not finding it, in so many cases.