Thursday, 22 August 2019

What you love you must love now

It is the look in their eyes that counts
She returned my glance the trap was set
Lowers hers so I can reel her in
She wriggles a bit, but I still win

Her name is Roseanne my sweetest rose
Those soft warm hands they belong to me
Kiss her, she murmurs contented sigh
Opens her eyes, looks up says "I must fly"

She drives off to work, I work at home
We make love each and every night
I grab a coffee, get down to work
I'm self employed so can never shirk

I get a call about half past ten
Been an accident, she's had a crash
Hospital advising of the fact
She is injured from the cars impact

So I say I'm coming right away
Have to cancel a late visitor
It took me half hour to make the trip
She'd died and my sad tears then let rip

She told me once why she loved me
She could find no other any place
Once recalled snuggled up brow to brow
She'd said, "What you love you must love now"

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  1. The title of this song does tap into human experience, and you have told a tale which illustrates this very well.

  2. You’ve used the line well, Robin, and developed it into a sad love story.

  3. An interpretation of the line you chose that gripped as I read ....

  4. So sweet and yet so very sad. True words. In the last line.

  5. Straight to the heart...Such a creative take on the prompt.

  6. Oh how that last line wraps up the story to perfection. It does go straight to the heart, Robin.

  7. This is such a heartwrenching yet beautiful poem, Robin 💖💖💖 Indeed, what you love you must love now 😊

  8. A beautiful and sad poem. The last line is so
    important. Each day may be our last, so each day we
    should say "I love you."

  9. Beautiful, sad poem, that uses the line you chose quite well.