Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Just out of reach

They have all come back
Now I am a widower
Bittersweet fortune

I write them emails
They tell me of their children
And their own lives now

Those cute girls at school
Now almost as old as I am
I kissed in the park

Held hands what a treasure
Thinking she might be the one
While at the movies

Touching their fingers
And looking into their eyes
Yes, she was the one

Each breakup sadness
The grief of a teenager
First step to adult

Then they were all gone
Finding the love of your life
Others lost in the mist

Damn the internet
They are back in my life now
But just out of reach

Just where is the one 
That cried so when we parted?
I never found her

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  1. Oh, yes! I too have been reconnected by Facebook--it doesn't get much closer than that. You've captured a digital age "blessing." I had to laugh, too, at your comment on my "Bittersweet Tango." My life has not been boring at all. That is so true.

  2. Facebook is an interesting phenomenon. I sometimes peek at the pages of an old love....remembering.........

  3. Ha. This is partly why i dont have social media. I dont want them finding me.

    Life moves on. What once could have been is gone.

    I guess there are a few i occasionally wonder about.

  4. Facebook is good for checking on people from your past. Sometimes the past is better left in the past:)

  5. I can well imagine that sense of bittersweet as old acquaitances reappear. I was musing quite recently on the internet's ability qua time machine.


  6. "Damn the internet
    They are back in my life now
    But just out of reach" good thing that they are out of reach :)

  7. I know what you mean -- back in your life now but just out of reach! The internet connections are definitely bittersweet.

  8. Sometimes, we treat ourselves and remember all the others. I look back there is nothing behind me, nothing following me, my desire is to be right here in this momebnt. Always something new, right around the corner.

  9. This is so touching.. and yes I can relate to the feeling of re-connecting with people on the internet after a long time.. which is always bittersweet.. as though they are a different person altogether.. sigh...

  10. oh how bittersweet. I feel so much for this soul. Expressed in such a longing tone, how tragically beautiful.

  11. Just out of reach is truly a bittersweet feeling. I have no desire to ever join Facebook, because there are hurts I do not wish to resurrect.