Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Just Aunt Marge

I liked her she would cuddle me
She didn't have kids of her own
But liked me going round her place

"You're a saint" my mother said
She wasn't of course, just Aunt Marge
Helped us out when times were hard

Uncle Ted her husband smiled
Big man who did all the hard work
But no kids came along 'cept me

She had such a big garden
All filled with flowers and shrubs
Looked after lots of chickens too

When they went on holiday
I fed all the chooks for her
Collected the eggs they laid too

She loved her garden and me
Worked hard but her face was sad
I liked her she would cuddle me

There are so many unrecognised saints in this world and I am always reminded how
loving and giving this aunt of mine was to me as a child but she had a sad life herself.

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  1. She was so saintly and seems to have left an indelible impression on you. You are right there are so many unrecognized saints in this world.

  2. Ah i feel a bit sad for her. You were her surrogate child. It aches when one that wants a child to love so much cant have any. At least she had you.

  3. How tender and loving this poem is! I feel it cuddle her, the memory of her, the power of relationships like the one you describe.

  4. Every child should have such an "Aunt Marge." It also sounds as if you were her favorite nephew. I had such an aunt as well...I always knew how special I was to her.

  5. That's so sweet, Robin. I like this poem of yours.

  6. Ah, Aunt Marge was one of the anonymous saints I wrote about in my poem. They're everywhere, if we pay attention!

  7. You were a luckly little boy to have Aunty Marge.

  8. So lovely that she had you in her life. She sounds so loving.

  9. Now that you jog my memory, I have some saints in my family too. Thanks, Old Egg.

  10. I think sometimes when people have had a sad life, it makes them more compassionate and giving, but in some cases it does make people bitter and mean. Your aunt was a true saint and a loving and nurturing person. That is a true blessing! I have had a few souls like that in my life to....oh the impression they have made in my heart!