Wednesday, 8 November 2017

One of them

Everything overtook me
As I drove out from the city
Until they all disappeared

So the tall trees waved to me
The clouds uncovered the warm sun
The scent of summer soothed me

So I turned off the road
Drove a bumpy track to the woods
To hear the sound of silence

They knew me, I'd been before
So the trees stopped whispering
And the birds stopped twittering

The flowing stream just gurgled
So I put my back on a tree
And heard the sound of silence

In that place I fell asleep
And dreamed that I belonged there
I was really one of them

Finally when I awoke
A chorus of all the creatures
The trees and the running stream

Told me that this was the truth
"You do" they said each one weeping
 I hung my head in silence

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  1. To find a place of belonging is a special find indeed.

  2. Lovely poem. I like how you found a place of belonging in this harsh world.

  3. What a holy moment, when the day-to-day lifts and you feel who you are and what you are part of. May you always find the way back into this silence.

  4. This is so beautiful..........the place of belonging, of peace, of silence......

  5. We do belong in nature don't we... but how many know to appreciate it!!

  6. Beautiful poem I belong there too I love how you said They knew me, I'd been before So the trees stopped whispering...

    You mentioned summer instead of winter so you must be in australia?

  7. A beautiful poem of belonging to Nature. So peaceful and tranquil.

  8. Luv your friendship of silence and the oneness with nature: trusting enough to fall asleep and dream truth

    Absolutely beautiful


  9. To be at one with nature, is there nothing more beautiful?
    Anna :o]

  10. A perfect silence and acknowledgement, Robin.

  11. Pure magic - I loved every word