Saturday, 4 November 2017

Stillness of the night

In the stillness of the night
A bellow of indignation
Rent the calmness of our sleep
It was our beloved boychild
I switched on the bedside light

My wife grunted beside me
Snuggled right down feigning sleep
I rose to warm a bottle
For his midnight drop of milk
To assuage his hunger plea

Crying stopped when he saw me
Sly smile came upon his face
Picked him up and sat with him
While he gorged his midnight feast
Declined none, burped contentedly

My strong arms rocked him off to sleep
Then placed our little blossom
In the crib his dreams to weave
I stayed for just a little while
For he uttered not one peep

Closet tidy; where's my mate?
So crawled back into our bed
My wife's embrace wrapped me up
She'll not deny me anything
I am happy with my fate

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  1. Such a happy scene - though I assume there where also nights when those nightly scenes where harder to bear.

  2. I could picture this so well.. Very tender

  3. Beautifully tender and sweet write, Robin!❤️

  4. Ahhh the wonder and magic of child and spouse. That's just beautiful. thank you.

  5. What a lovely family relationship you have portrayed.

  6. This is a happy man. Happy wife, happy child. I loved living this scene vicariously, Robin.

  7. This is such a happy poem, I was grinning from ear to ear when I finished reading. I love that the mom pretends to be sleep and that the dad knows and that they both are okay with it. And the smile from the child is a miracle, for few things are as precious as the gentle smile of a child who feels safe and happy and loved.

  8. This bought back happy memories, thank you.

  9. It is what happens in the stillness of the night, when a little one is around.

  10. Oh precious Robin....our oldest niece just had a baby boy, Finley! And this reminds me of him....beautiful!

  11. Happy poem. I imagine my parents playing the same sleepy game with each other. But never having had children or any contact with them, I relate to the individuals.

  12. Nice one Robin, my favourite lines

    "Then placed our little blossom
    In the crib his dreams to weave"

    much love...

  13. Lovely. A beautiful family scene - tenderly sketched.

  14. Very sweet and a lovely detailed scene well told.

  15. This made me think of such nights when I woke up in the middle of the night to comfort my daughter. What a sweet story you've told here.