Friday, 10 November 2017

In Brighton Town

When I was younger maybe only thirty 
I used to live in Brighton Town
Close to the briny sea

My workplace was close to the main road in
Just as I went out for lunch
I heard a strange din

I tried to cross the busy thoroughfare
But saw a large car driving near
So I had to take some care

A large Rolls-Royce with open top
Husband and wife sat in the back
Clearly it would not stop

The woman waved to me which was so kind
I waved back, good bloke that I am
And put it out of mind

Later I caught on just who I had seen
That lady who had waved at me
Had been the bloody Queen!

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  1. in America we have a whole different sort of experience when our sovereign parade about, but I like how this piece captures the energy and surprise of a chance encounter!!!!!

  2. Nice entertaining vignette

    I like the shape of your tercets and the a-x-a rhyme schemes


  3. nice encounter


    much love...

  4. Love the fun in this... good that you waved to each other.

  5. enjoyed this -- love the ending of "the bloody Queen", made me laugh