Saturday, 2 December 2017

The ring on her finger

If you hadn't smiled at me
Election day when we voted
How beautiful were your eyes
You subtly glanced my way
Thinking I must not let her get away

Who cares what party got in
I waited 'til you emerged
You grinned as you saw me there
"That was thirsty work" I said
"Just one" she said  "I've more to do today"

We drove to a drinking spot
Both in our separate cars
"Thanks" she said getting her drink
Sitting in a cosy nook
"It's not often I can escape this way"

'Twas only then I noticed
Fool that I am for sure
The ring now on her finger
She sees me look, sweetly smiles
"Don't worry, it pushes the rest away"

My heart sang a song of love
Surely she heard my thoughts
"I can't exist without you"
For my wishes all came true
"I think the same too" she said, "It's OK"

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