Thursday, 2 November 2017

I breathe in love's perfume

What manner of desire is this?
Soft flesh sighs with my touch
Words I speak hoarse with desire
As I breathe in loves perfume

You then turn in love's entrance
And soft warm breasts welcome me
My head lays on your heart
Its beat is a poem itself

Then as if our bodies meld
We are but one, breath shared
Clasping the other. now one being
Now caught in passiona binding net

So I kiss your panting lips
You sigh but don't let go
Happy I am in your net
Would that it was always thus

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  1. Wow!!! so sensuous, so amorous, almost divine.
    Happy You dropped by my blog Robin

    much love...

  2. Totally agree with Gillena, sensuous

  3. This was worth waiting for after midnight:) I find it so incredible how this sprang from just a few orphaned words on a measly list. Love is the best perfume. And it lingers. Thanks for the write.

  4. I do like the line that the heartbeat is like a poem itself...That line alone is worth the price of admission to this write. A sensual write but yet, so filled with love that goes beyond the physical.

  5. Whew... leaves me a bit breathless. :)

  6. Whoaaa this is so incredibly amorous!

  7. Very passionate, Robin!
    One question: in the first stanza, did you mean 'horse' or 'hoarse'? The former conjures up some very strange images!

    1. I wanted to reply "Neigh!" but will just have to admit a spelling error; thank you for the advice.

  8. The passion in this is so strong,