Saturday, 18 November 2017

Roused with a gentle kiss

I want my childhood back
Running off down the woods
To shimmy up the trees
Swinging from the high limbs
Like Tarzan in the films
A friend of monkeys too

It's not a crime is it?
To make a wooden sword
From bits found in Dad's shed
To strap around my waist
So I can chop my way
Through thick jungle trees

Sadly I was dreaming
Roused with a gentle kiss
While I was flying high
Hanging on a jungle vine
As childhood merged slowly
Into old age once again

My dear wife smiled at me
Grinning like waxing moon
My dreamy adventure
Eased the sting of old age
But what joy to relish
This dear woman I loved

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  1. A dreamy nostalgic poem indeed!!

  2. Oh Robin! This is so incredibly poignant!

  3. Yeah love does linger doesn't it!!!

    much love...

  4. Good old childhood days, who wouldn't want to live them again!

  5. Well done! We're all heroes in our dreams...nice if it could carry over some.

  6. Childhood memories are wonderful, but the smile of a love we can still have is so much better. Still, wanting them both is never a crime.

  7. What a lovely daydream and a lucky woman 😊

  8. My dear wife smiled at me Grinning like waxing moon...I like these two lines a lot. speaks of much love in the present day. I still climb trees! I still practice with my katana and sometimes, I actually use it like a swashbuckler chasing bugs outside. I like this poem a great deal. It all comes back to love.

  9. The dream was excellent... but the waking up not bad either... a whole life in between

  10. I do so love your close and the dream, I know it.
    Today's kids miss out so much of the wonderful world of make believe and the adventure that goes with it.
    Anna :o]

  11. My dreamy adventure
    Eased the sting of old age

    Old age provides lots of occasions to reminisce over what one had experienced! It provides a cushion of comfort!


  12. Oh, I too wish I had all the energy of youth. I'd love to climb a tree and feel I had reached the top of the world!

  13. Heartfelt and honest nostalgia. I thought of my own apple tree that I climbed in childhood! Good write!