Thursday, 23 November 2017

An old oak tree

When I was young, young as can be
I used to climb an old oak tree
There hidden in the branches high
I ruled the Earth and the sky

My brother couldn't find me there
Or else he couldn't give a care
Clouds scudded by all the long day
Far off the farmer cut the hay

The sun did shine and birds did sing
And now there was a funny thing
A squirrel was in the tree too
Looked as tho' he said "Who are you?"

I kept still and said not one word
Silence broken by a Blackbird
Who cawed "Awk...and just who are you?"
Finger to my lips, I hushed him too.

So our business we did resume
Me basking in the leafy gloom
Until I heard Ma's loud voice call
Waking me from the sylvan thrall

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  1. Ah the sanctuary of a tree. Vividly reported Robin


  2. Add a book and it sounds like a perfect day.

  3. This is soo beautifully eloquent and serene.. sigh.. ❤️

  4. This sounds so wonderful. Nothing like being up a tree in childhood. I love the squirrel's surprise finding a human in his realm.

  5. Your oak tree ventures bring to mind the same wondrous feelings that kissed my heart when I climbed my mango tree. Not squirrel for me though, but I did imagine all sorts of other things.