Sunday, 19 November 2017

Em and me

I opened the old iron gate and it moaned
Then clanged with annoyance as I pulled it shut
As there was no pleasing it
It was because I was free
So I breathed in the cool air
Climbed the hill to the silo
In order to walk the fields
Kicking the stubble
And singing a song
Happy as could be

The wind blows climbing to the top of the hill
I can just see the sea over the horizon
I'll go there when I'm older
That is when I've finished school
Me and Em will run away
Worm our way out one dark night
Have to oil the hinges first
Be gone by first light
Off down to the coast
Happy as can be

Ma was not all that cross I'd run off that day
All she said was "Wondered when you would get back"
Em just grinned at me licking
Some cake mix from her fingers
So then she offered me some
I could see she'd been crying
She really thought I'd left home
I'd never do that
She's my sister
And will always be

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Note: I am aware that licking cake mix bowls with eggs in is frowned upon but I was just recalling my own childhood memories of 70 years ago! The story is of course fictitious.


  1. Every little boy and girl scheming how they'll run away! Childhood memories are such fun!

  2. lovely childhood tale :)

  3. "All she said was "Wondered when you would get back"...Hmmmm...that's what all mothers are :)

  4. Family ties are too precious to just abandon outright. Mothers and sisters are strong motivators to stay on.


  5. I love licking the bowl, my favorite part of baking! This is a lovely poem and portrays the reactions of parents and siblings so well. I also loved the gate.

  6. For a moment, I thought the boy would actually run away. Em and I are glad he didn't.

  7. A story so well told i believed it...glad it is fiction. I could see them all, in that kitchen.

  8. Such a lovely nostalgic feeling to this!!

  9. Lovely, and I believed it too.
    Licking the bowl is an essential part of childhood, a wonderful treat, and it remains (very) important in adulthood!
    Anna :o]

  10. I could feel the need of the boy to have a bit of adventure, but I am glad he came home. Ha, licking the bowl is a part of growing up. I think I used to lick the spatula.

  11. I don't mind at all to lick the batter from the bowl... :-)

  12. Ah, you had me at the gate! I have fond memories of the yard gate ... but mostly because it kept out my mother's mean ole banty rooster who flogged me every chance he got! Great write, by the way.

  13. I agree this was delicious and a wonderful memory even if fictitious...I remember licking the bowl and still would today if I could...yum!

  14. This is very touching!!! And as for licking cake mix bowls, ha - it seems we all survived!!

  15. A charming childhood adventure - tenderly rendered, with a wonderful story-teller vibe that is delightful.

  16. Great work. Moms worry less about boys. That's how my mom was with me. haha...

  17. Nice story,


  18. "Have to oil the hinges first"
    The hinges and the will to go. Thinking of all the places that life has taken me. Precious, this relationship with a sibling.

  19. "wondered when you would get back" made me smile

    much love...

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    much love...