Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Let's be friends

Met at the office
A shy glance across the room
And a smile from me "Hello"
Her lowered eyes in reply
I wonder if she cared

Sadly I walked home
My Ma saw my look that night
She guessed and gave me a hug
"Give her just one yellow rose
Just to say let's be friends"

So early next day
A rose cut and wrapped up well
Then placed safely on her desk
What delight to see her smile
And lift it to her nose

She knew it was me
So each day she would say "Hi"
And blush as I smiled at her
Soon we would both go to lunch
And held her soft warm hand

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  1. Such a lovely courtship.....a yellow rose, leading to the touch of her soft hand.........

  2. That's classic! I like your love story very much. A rose did it for you! Good day!

  3. A very thoughtful and romantic gesture

  4. A fine tale of the silent language of the rose!

  5. Aw...a rose tying hearts. Lovely :)

  6. What a beautiful 'yellow rose of Texas' can do for starters!


  7. So romantic! Roses are simply the best.

  8. lovely, reminded me of a friend ..I used to call her ..rose