Thursday, 16 November 2017

I remember her

I remember her
The summer holding her hand
Walking beside her

Sun on our faces
Dragonflies darting about
Breathing in the air

She was my first love
No one told me the rules
But I was happy

Reaching the hilltop
We sat looking over the town
The sun grinned at us

Steam train puffed along
Dragonfly settled on me
It wanted to talk

Was too much in love 
To listen to the message
So it flew away

And she did so too
Life was not how I had planned
Later we broke up

Walking beside her
Slowly retracing our way
Winter was to come

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  1. Ah, the sweet, sad tale, so common but always new to the one experiencing it for the first time! You are so good at conveying the voices and feelings of your narrators.

  2. Love, the bittersweet joy of what it brings, when it leaves. I like how the dragonfly wanted to chat, but you were too heart centered on your love to listen. Still it was a sign I think. They are winged changelings and perhaps it was just letting you know you would be fine. Thank you so much for writing for the prompt.

  3. This is so wonderfully romantic and wistful, love the image of the dragonflies 'darting about breathing in the air'💕

  4. change... and adaptability are two things the dragonfly symbolizes - hopefully we all find adaptability after we lose our fist love.

  5. I love the visit of the dragonfly, but you were not ready to hear........that winter was on its way. Beautiful, Robin.

  6. Someone is usually there to warn us, but we have to find these things out for ourselves, don't we?

  7. Wonderful take of young, lost love. I like how the dragonfly was trying to tell you something but that you were too involved with your love to kisten. I also like how it flew away, letting you know change was in thecway.

  8. loved this, nostalgic summer dreams with winter on the horizon; love and memories. very cool.

  9. nice metaphor the life of a dragonfly just a few short weeks - just like first love

  10. Romance & dragonfly - what could be more poignant.