Sunday, 29 October 2017

Whisper from a dead lover

The beach was almost deserted
Except for a few squabbling gulls
Three cormorants sitting aloft
On the promenades streetlights
Listening to the church bells chime

Then the fitness freaks arrived
Walking and running to the shore
Some for the icy morning dip
Hopping over the pebbles
The gulls skittering out the way

Lazy sun got out of bed
Burning away the morning's mist
While the people walked or ran off
Up and down the beach together
As the sky slowly brightened

I sat on a promenade bench
Pines whispered secrets way up high
The gulls chanced their luck with me
A gentle breeze sighed overhead
Mimicking my past lover

There are too many here at dawn
Came with dogs and children in tow
I'll try at dusk next time alone
Perhaps you'll whisper to me then
Hold my hand like we used to do

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  1. This is a sweet write! So many whispers on the beach? Everything seems to want to tell their story?

  2. This is sweet. The noisy distractors vying with your love. I wish they would go away as well

  3. Such longing... But I like that the hope doesn't leave the speaker. He will come back... He'll wait...

  4. Perhaps you'll whisper to me then
    Hold my hand like we used to do

    There were lots of memories one could be reminded of when relationships were very close!


  5. Love this, I can see the whole thing. Sounds like a lot of shouts and grunts in addition to whispers :)

  6. Your words took me there. Sometimes we just need to be alone to reach out and touch our memories.
    Anna :o]

  7. Love this.. the yearning is so palpable in this.. sigh..

  8. Being alone away from crowds is important to commune with nature and a departed loved one.

  9. Oh, I too love to walk the beach when it is quiet. The waves have much to tell me, but in all the noise it is lost.

  10. There are those moments when we need that solitude to remember... I hope the dusks are better.

  11. luv these 2 sweet lines - my favourite

    "A gentle breeze sighed overhead
    Mimicking my past lover"

    much love...