Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Bailey kids

"Come on, out of the house you get, as you are driving me round the bend" said their mother with the three children home from school that week. They looked at each other as though they had just received a present and grinned all over their faces as they rushed to get their shoes and woolies on as she waved them off.

"I say we go down to the river" said Jack, and though the girls looked at each other and screwed their faces up they couldn't think of anywhere better so nodded reluctantly. So they ran off down to the river and walked along the bank throwing sticks and and stones in the water, watching the birds there until they got to the bend just before the railway bridge where they saw a solitary fisherman sat there with his line in the water. "Ha!" he said as they approached, "You be the Bailey kids, ain't yer?, cos I knew yer Ma years ago before she met yer Pa".

When the kids got home they told their Ma who'd they met and placed two fish wrapped in newspaper on the kitchen sink to show her what the man had given them; while she wiped away a tear from her eye she murmered "Ah that was Ted, he told me once he let the good ones get away". 

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  1. This breaks my heart in so many places.

    1. Thank you Kona for your visit, hopefully next time I can make you smile.

  2. Regrets, I've had a few....good job, evocative!!

  3. There's no insight like hindsight.

  4. nice hook!

    no, seriously, did not see that coming and it works altogether perfectly. emotionally engaging in such a short span of story

  5. he let the good ones get subtle but so much meaning in this. good one.

  6. Beautiful story of love and destiny (?) , OE.
    The Mother's tear is so sad.
    I loved the beautiful,life-like descriptions.

  7. Touching story. I would like to go back in time and learn more, and then follow her life forward.