Saturday, 19 August 2017

You lay on the sand

I gulped with surprise
In all of my years 
Cultivating friendships
I had been the one
To make the first move

Turning I saw you
Across the laneway
Stalls and boutique shops
Eyes not on bargains
But only on me

The crowds shielded you
Then you melted away
Some blade cut you out
Etched clean from my sight
But a dream of mine

A few days later
Sun, sea, sand and shades
There from the water
You walked to your towel
Wrapped it around you

You lay on the sand
That warm afternoon
Turned your face to me
Smiled then you beckoned
And patted the sand

What more can I say?
Yes, I wanted you
You had set your trap
How willing I was
Mission accomplished

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  1. You've cornered the market on romantic poetry Robin.. :)

  2. Lucky chap! another fine poem.

  3. Ah - the yearning is palpable here!

  4. Now I know the meaning of sand trap! :)

  5. "Some blade cut you out"
    It seems like that sometimes!
    And then to surprise you with a new experience? Wonderful.

  6. You are a romantic and not the first to fall into a trap of some kind.

  7. Wonderfully romantic and sensual.

  8. Summer romance, beautifully rendered!

  9. One would be a fool to refuse. I enjoy your love poems, Robin. I live vicariously if, indeed, I live at all, least when it comes to romance.

  10. Beautiful... so much better being seduced than being seducer

  11. And what a lovely trap to be ensnared in!

  12. So romantic. I agree with Bjorn: much better to be the seduced than the seducer. A wonderful write!

  13. I love how your poems are stories too, and rejoice in this happy ending.

  14. That's never happened to me - what's your secret? Delightful.

    Click to read my story

    1. It has only happened to him since he moved Down Under and learned to drink cold beer:)

    2. That's not quite true Rall for I shunned beer as I was wooed by South Aussie wine instead and have been faithful ever since.

  15. Isn't it fun when the tables are turned? Loved this, Robin, just late in getting it read. Life.....