Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Come out to play

We moved into an old house in the country in June so many years ago and the weather was already warm so we left the doors and windows open wide to create a cool draft within.

Later as winter winds blew we closed them tight to keep what warm air there was in the room we were especially the bedrooms at night before we air conditioning.

We had hardly been in bed five minutes when we heard this scratching noise on one of the other doors so my wife nudged me and said "What's that?"

So I got up and looked out from our door and still the scratching went on so one by one I checked the others doors to see if a rat or bird or open window could make that sound until I came to a little storage room and opened that,

Without ado there was a whoosh and a grateful sigh and I was almost blown off my feet as this gust of air enveloped me and blew away I know not where.

Strangely though rather being scared out my wits I felt now calm and serene for I then realised we lived with a friendly ghost that needed just one open door to come out and play.

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  1. loved your friendly ghost. usually they scare away people.

  2. I'd have to move! Good story.

  3. Like Paul, i'm not so sure i could stick around after that. Good story!

  4. 'cause it's that feeling, (as you describe it in the story) that makes the difference between good and bad, fear and acceptance... total moral of the story, no?

  5. I've lived with a friendly ghost. I won't say it was exactly fun, but it wasn't bad. Still unnerving sometimes. I like that you're realizing ghosts are people too. :-)

  6. True story?! That is not for me, friendly or not. Fortunately I always have a window or door cracked.

  7. A friendly ghost is any day welcome.