Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Their war effort

I respect you Dad for all those years
You worked in London in the blitz
Making sure the power stayed on
All that wartime we fought the Fritz
And wives at home fought back their tears

How I admire my darling Mother
Who poured your love on us each day
And went to work as many did
Jobs in factories in the fray 
Their war effort was no bother

To my dear Uncles I thank you too
Who went to war to fight the foe
Some came back but were not the same
Some died to Aunts and Cousins woe
Who hadn't chance to say I love you

I'd like to thank my Nan now long gone
Who made parachutes for pilots
And for Uncles sailing the seas
Merchant Navy men was their lot
I owe much respect the list goes on

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World War 2 ended early August 1945


  1. That's a great tribute to so many in the family who made such tremendous sacrifices...

  2. Yes salute to the flow of life that struggled and continued despite difficulties beyond imagination. Tears for those who could not make it. And what a shame that war mongers still live on!

  3. Reflecting on this WWII time, I too have respect and gratitude for those who fought and those who gave in other ways. And today, as those forces we fought then rise again, I am feeling both respect and gratitude for those of us who rise so other's won't be harmed. Thank you.

  4. Ah yes, respect is due. Good job Robin

    much love...

  5. You have a wonderful family to be proud of...salt of the earth folk.

  6. A wonderful family legacy of respect and service. Thank you, Robin. I always remember you telling me how your dad stood on rooftops in London during the blitz watching for planes and bombs.

  7. Such a beautiful poem of gratitude and respect. So nicely done.

  8. a most heartfelt list of gratitudes owing - especially like: "All that wartime we fought the Fritz
    And wives at home fought back their tears"
    p.s. had to wait til September til the surrender of Japan -

  9. A great tribute and a great respect shines through for your family Very good

  10. A wonderful tribute. A great reminder to us all.

  11. Much respect for those who contributed to the war efforts were very much in order!


  12. A great tribute....much respect!!

  13. Wow...that's a beautiful tribute to a loving, caring and a wonderful father. Respect!

  14. Yes, they are indeed all worthy of deep respect.

  15. My goodness .. such an outpouring of love and yes, RESPECT, for these an all ... beautiful ... just beautiful!!!