Sunday, 6 August 2017

Not at this address

It had been returned
Rejected "not at this address"
Had I for years been blind?

Going through his mail
I then saw an envelope 
Of quite a different kind

I thought for a bit
Despite all my misgivings
I had to satisfy my mind

So I searched the house
Cupboards, drawers, everywhere
The truth I would have to find

His untidy desk
I looked in the bottom drawer
Aha! My hard thoughts were unkind

What a shock to find 
He'd been suppoprting a child
In a far off land, wasn't that kind?

The hardest part though
Was unrest in the boy's land
Contact was now out of mind

Sorting out his stuff
Now saw the man I married
Oh clock won't you unwind?

Thinking back I weep
Now he's gone I feel such regret
How could I have been so blind?

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This poem about a woman finding her husband had been supporting a child up to his death is merely a reaction to the prompt words which leads authors down strange pathways!


  1. I liked how thid poem developed and the places it took the reader.
    I wonder why he did not share his charity with the woman though? Such secrets suggest a problem with intimacy - not just her blindness

  2. The shock of discovering a secret at a husband's demise is not uncommon. All the more shocking when it is a second wife with a few children in tow making an appearance!