Thursday, 10 August 2017

My pen pal

Can I tell you about my pen pal
Who I am sure is a sweet gal
That writes a lot about her land
But doesn't know I want to hold her hand
Then dance around in a pas-de-deux
And kiss her lips as I imagine her
Grinning and looking into my eyes
And when I touch I hear her sighs
Then wrap her up in a warm embrace
Only see a wide smile on her face
Perhaps she doesn't want all that
But only wants to show me her cat
Or take me to her busy city
While I would like some serenity
By wrapping her up in my arms
By being beguiled with her charms
Perhaps I shouldn't go on like that
As teacher said we should only chat

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  1. Someone's reading between the lines :)

  2. I very much like the story you have woven here between the narrator and their supposings and unseen pen pal. Very well done and viva la!

  3. What a fun take on the prompt! I like this story a lot.

  4. I'd like a pen pal like that, O.E. You made her sound very likeable. When folks ask, I tell them that the effect of blogging is like having pen pals, many.

  5. LOL!!! nice one Robin

    Much love...

  6. Teenage dreams - we still dream :)

  7. It is so easy to fall in love with an illusion. Nice answer to this prompt

  8. Yes sometimes our true feelings are never seen in a situation....this is a wonderful take on the prompt Robin! :-)

  9. You have such a romantic heart, Old Egg. I loved this.

  10. A lovely feel of innocence to this...

  11. You've given me the brightest of giggles, Robin. It is wonderful to think about what someone else might want, especially when we are not sure of their reaction... Still, I think the speaker should ask.

  12. I never had a pen pal but after reading your poem, I so wish I had .....

  13. I have a wisp of a memory about having a pen pal. This is poem is youth in all its glory.