Friday, 1 September 2017

Monsters lurking

Childhood is not always happy times
With cuddly mums and nursery rhymes
Being once safely in your bed curled
Then cruelly taken to school's real world

Where real monsters fought and played with you
With twisted wrist and a punch or two
On playgrounds there's nothing you could do
But run into class and cry boohoo

The rule of law was you did not tell
You would confess that you only fell
But going home Mum was very cross
To find your innocence was now lost

But as soon as Johnny's Dad found out
Started to teach how to box and clout
Soon the monster lurking at the school
Met his match, was made to look a fool

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  1. I wonder if it works... but I do remember that after many years of bullying it just ceased after I landed a punch.

  2. Yep. School is where some of the worst childhood monsters lurk.

  3. The rule of law was you did not tell
    You would confess that you only fell..

    I shudder to think of the generations who suffered abuse and never told.

  4. Brings memories, O.E. Mine didn't start until my last two years of high school where the small country schools stopped. One football player had my number. Folks didn't know so no boxing classes for me.

  5. This brings back memories of my childhood, Robin. I relate to those hiding monsters that come out when they see us strong.. when we refuse to let them prey upon us.