Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The flood of tears

How could I not feel?
The deep anguish in her eyes
As I spoke those words

How could I not see?
The flood of tears on her cheeks
As we argued long

How could I walk out?
Without giving it a thought
From our house that night

Moon hid in the clouds
In the cold I walked alone
Regretting each word

Later I returned
Everything was in darkness
There was not a sound

She slept with the kids
With her arms around them both
It's my turn to weep

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  1. Oh! So sad, so wonderful how you made me see and feel this. May the narrator's tears be cleansing ones.

  2. Aww.. anger and then regret.. that last image is so poignant.

  3. What a touching poem! How often words spoken in anger come back to haunt us.

  4. Tears of regret, hopefully will bring healing to the angry soul.

    Much love...

  5. So sad, and good to read the awareness of the narrator.

  6. so sad and very touching. Oh how we easily hurt the ones we love

  7. This is so very heartfelt, Robin!

  8. This really touched my heart Robin. I think we all can relate to regretting words spoken and the pain of hurting those we love.

  9. I think everyone has been in a similar position. Such tender words, Robin.

  10. This moment, so real, was brought alive to touch my heart.

  11. We look back on our anger and cringe, we listen to ourselves spouting angry words and weep.

  12. So eloquent and rich. Beautiful.

  13. Anguish, anger and repentance...cycle of life, nicely put up.

  14. This is so touching and so very relatable, Robin!

  15. Some lessons are learned much too late in the game. I like how even the moon hid from sight.

  16. Touching.
    People don't think and hurt their loved ones.
    Sometimes it's too late as regret can't change the fate...
    Hope he gets to express & beg for forgiveness when they wake up...