Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Not one word

Our mortal days start full of pain
Crying lustily that is plain
Continuing on all our lives
Starting when that warm breast is gone
My how I wept that was so wrong

How I cried my first day at school
It felt all wrong, I was a fool
I couldn't pull my trousers up
So refused to go the second day
Much to my dear mothers dismay

When things finally settled down
My sad face always wore a frown
Especially when that fair haired girl
Poked her pink tongue out at me
When I cried they all laughed at me

Then teenage years did surprise
Growing up opened up my eyes
Now we were in a battle royal
We learned of that glorious cup
Sounding so good but could not sup

However love does find its way
For a short while things seem OK
Marriage and our little children
Halcyon days no end in site
Until I wake with such a fright

I find that I'm an old man now
With tumbling feet and weathered brow
The bells are tolling just for me
That's because no-one else has heard
I leave this life with not one word

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  1. Time really does speed along.. I think you have many words to leave us

  2. This is so heart-wrenching, Robin :(

  3. Hang in there...You feel differently soon...only a few weeks until Spring.

  4. I really feel this poem, Robin, memories of the cruelties of school days, the years when our kids were small we thought would go on forever....and now finding ourselves so soon in this place of old age we never imagined.............a really beautiful write, my friend.

  5. p.s. as Jae points out, your many wonderful poems will speak for you, always.

  6. Wow...what a trip...there's words still to come spilling from that tongue ;)

  7. The final stanza brings all to a close so succinctly. A thought-provoking piece - what is the worth of a life?

  8. Wonderful poem, taking us through time. I hated school - hated the jokes and the bullying. This touched a chord in me. My mother recently died, without a word. But I remember her words while she lived. We will remember your words as well.

  9. What a walk through someone's life. Was it all worth it? Well composed.

  10. Not TOO autobiographical, I hope. You always seem so engaged with life, and so good-humoured.

  11. A poignant sketch of the passing of time...

  12. I find that I'm an old man now
    With tumbling feet and weathered brow

    A life history narrated of a typical soul from young to being old. In between all the wonderful words that adorn the blogosphere. How nice Robin!


  13. this is wonderful...its like ...for everybody to have a retrospective...have a nice time...

  14. This has a vibrance and glory to it, like a long crashing resounding wave.

  15. I add my thoughts to Rosemary's, especially when it comes to the last lines of your poem.

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  17. I'm at the same point you are, Robin. It all passes so quickly, doesn't it.