Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Young couple

How easy that it was to tell
The young couple were in love
Someone must have cast a spell
The youth had come out of his shell

There was a certain sparkle here
It was the look, the way they’d move
She was all dewy eyed with joy
For at last she now had her boy

He held her close and touched her soft
This was the way that he would prove
That there was no other in his life
He clearly desired her for his wife

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This poem written and published elsewhere in Dec 2014 deserves another airing


  1. The first blush of youthful romance!

  2. It is lovely when you just KNOW!
    Anna :o]

  3. Your romantic poems always make me smile with pleasure.

  4. This is so lovely... to be young again

  5. Yes, young love.... may it last to old, old age.

  6. Oh may the passion of youth carry them to the golden years.

  7. I do so enjoy your romantic poems.

  8. Really enjoyable reading, O.E. One can't help thinking of those days and times. You are a true romantist(??) to end with thoughts of marriage. I've had both a young marriage and a more mature one. Double dose of storries to tell.

  9. Sweet! If only it could work out so easily for the rest of us.

  10. This is so wonderfully sweet and romantic, Robin!❤️

  11. You are a master at the art of sweet love, dearest Robin.