Saturday, 29 April 2017

Young love

I remember the olden days
Bonfire burning in the backyard
Daffodils blooming under the trees
You on a branch with your dirty knees

Were the daughter of the man next door
We'd walk to school but not say much
Didn't mingle with the other boys
"Cept for me, you'd play with my toys

First we were shy and didn't touch
We'd go for walks in the forest deep
In the creeks we'd splash and play
You could point out Larks and the Jay

We found a rope on a tall branch
You were the first to try it out
We spent hours whizzing in the air
Laughing, shouting without a care

But life's calendar ticks away
Time came when we did more than play
We found a place to love and kiss
Woven lives of raptuous bliss

Then your family moved away
I wonder where you are today
Mingled emotions they do smart
As now I nurse a broken heart

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  1. Aww :)
    the beginning reminded me of Enid Blyton days for some reason

  2. Bitter sweet adolescent memories!! You are a true romantic!

  3. It is always sad when that happenes.

  4. Young love lingers on in memory. Why? Moments of discovery all being the first time sharing them together.Certainly not confined to just one person only!


  5. Those innocent days of that first love... or if it was friendship... maybe she is waiting there somewhere wondering the same

  6. Young love lasts a lifetime with its memories.
    Hope they meet again :)

  7. This reads like a coming of age story, bitter sweet.

  8. How young love remains forever in our hearts. I did enjoy this poem very much.

  9. You really captured innocence of young love. I think we often wonder what happened to those first loves.

  10. Love can be so hard on hearts that have no control over the location of the rest of the bodies. It is, indeed, heartbreaking to watch them fall in love and then separated so quickly.

  11. This is soo beautiful! It reminded me of my adolescent days.. sigh.. love is so difficult on the young hearts ❤️

  12. Sigh. Live can be cruel that way.

  13. Thanks for reminding me... pleasant memories.

  14. Beautiful description of young love. Perhaps you can find her on Facebook!

  15. This poem took me back wonderfully to those days of sweet young love.....that brought such heartache when it ended......

  16. It's tough to be young and overcome with so many emotions. I see it in the young people in my life.

  17. Aww how sweet ... memories of that first love will always be in your heart.

    Thank you for visiting Magic of Words.

  18. Ahh, first love. Perhaps we never forget it because it forever holds that first fresh awareness about it.


  19. You weave wonderful stories - and this is no exception. A tale of first love: so exquisitely delicate ... tenderly held in our heart, for a lifetime.

  20. Love this. I think this is ANOTHER one I haven't heard of before.

  21. Ah first love!!! delightfully told

    much love...

  22. Touched my heart. I found 'him' years later and we are good friends again.

    1. p.s. I love your profile! Of course, you are not going to make yourself the villain. Just a hint though; villains never do!